Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Books And Birthdays

It's my BIRTHDAY, the day where everyone around the world celebrates the booky, geeky, fairytale addled girl that is me :-)  Celebrations include, the great 24 hour read, the coffee/book pairing festival and of course the annual send whatever great book you just finished to your favorite neighborhood book blogger (which of course is me...right :-) ).  I have been spoiled rotten as usual (I am really a lucky girl, sincere thanks to all my family and friends, you guys know how to make a book nerd feel loved), but so far my favorite is my Hubbin's contributions to my obsessions.
This year I have been OBSESSED with the tv show Once Upon A Time.  It is cheesy, and at times the dialogue makes me want to cringe, but for some reason I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The main reason of course is that it takes storybook stories/characters and turns them all topsy turvy.  The show does a great job of keeping most of the details (even if some of them are Disney details...which is actually totally ok with me) of the stories in, all while being able to combine them into some sort of glittery, pleathery, time/space skipping coherent tale, and to make it even better they are pulling from all kinds of fictional literature, not just the classic fairy tales.  To help me further my research into this unspeakable obsession of mine, my Hubbin got me Hook which is a fantastic retelling/epilogue/sequel type spin on my beloved Peter Pan.  Disney's Sleeping Beauty which has always been my favorite for some reason.  And of course he got me a book, this year it is the original Pinocchio, he said he knew it was the right one because everybody was complaining about what a brat Pinocchio was and that it wasn't the story they remembered...that's because most people have never actually read/heard the original version of the story, I am very excited to read it.  Of course we can not for get Hubbin's big contribution to my literary happiness this year THE CHAIR in which I will watch and read all of my fairy tales and every spin, version and re-telling I can get my hands on. I hope everybody is having as wonderful a day as I am!

What do you want for your birthday?  What kind of cake should I have tonight?  What is your favorite mushed together story?  Are you a Grimm Fan or A supercoolawesome Once Upon A Time fan?

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