Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Marking The Leaves With Leaves

Along with zombies, October also offers us here in DC the best of fall, the colors are changing on the trees, the air is crisp, and I can finally put on my pretty fall sweaters and boots!  Here are some great autumn book marks to celebrate the occasion.

Softly Falling
Loving the end leaf beads on this one
Wool and Ribbon Pumpkin Bookmark
Ahhh so cute, what a little baby pumpkin
Wood Fall Leaves Bookmark
Carved wood AND fall leaves, yes please!
Fabric Leaf Bookmark
This looks so much like a real leaf, I must have it
Pressed Leaf Bookmark
I love the vivid  colors they managed to capture in this one
Fall Mermaid Bookmark
Fall and Mermaids, not a normal pairing, but awesome all the same
Colorful Leaves Bookmark
The cutouts on this are very cool

Which one of these tickles your fancy?  What most reminds you of fall?  Are you as tempted as I am to get a different fall book mark for every book you own so that they can all celebrate fall with you?

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