Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkins Of Literary Excellence

Ok so I really suck at post titles, but I have not finished my coffee yet (how many more times can I use that excuse I wonder?)  Last year I posted a couple amazing carved pumpkins based on books, I have found a ton more since then so here are a few of my favorites...anybody want to come over and carve them for me?
My favorite good/bad guy from Harry Potter
Hunger Games
I love the flame behind the Mockingjay in this Hunger Games Pumpkin, really gets the whole girl on fire theme across
One Ring Pumpkin
This is a great concept, the fiery writing on the One Ring of Lord of the Rings, may have to try this one
Caterpillar Pumpkin
The technique used on this Alice's Adventure in Wonderland pumpkin is really cool
Puck Pumpkin
This may be my favorite pumpkin this year, from A Midsummer Night's Dream simply beautiful.

What kind of pumpkin are you doing this year?  Are a patient carver who will take hours to get perfection, or are you like me who starts with grand ideas and then about 20 minutes in decide that half it's face got eaten by wild dingos?  How much would you pay to have somebody come carve you the perfect pumpkin?

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