Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zombie Survival Kit

How awesome is my baby sis?!?  She MADE me this super cool Zombie Survival Kit book bag!
Yep she put the whole thing together all by herself and filled it with all of the things I would need to survive the pending Zombie Apocalypse or ZA as we call it around here
She gave me detailed instructions on the use of all the different survival items (including fake body parts to lure the zombies into a trap of pop rocks!) and a letter giving me all the sad (yet highly entertaining) highlights of her and her Hubby's last days (zombie Lola for the WIN!)
The bag itself is my favorite part (it is coming with me as my new book back for the fire station).  Not only is it AWESOME! (sorry the caps key is just SCREAMING my name today) but it fits at least one large hard cover, two paperbacks, my e-reader with charger, and even a magazine or two, you know for in between zombie slayings. It is pretty durable so I can toss it in the back of my ambulance without worrying about the seams splitting, so I'm pretty excited about that.  Thanks Baby Sis for combining my love of blood and gore with my love of all things readable (and Sixlets...I mean anti-zombie viral pills) into one of my favorite presents EVER.

What does your ZA survival kit include?  What books do you think I should take for the ZA?  How freaked out will my patients be to see this in the back of my unit?

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