Literary Bucket List

One of the best things about books is that they are found world wide, in every culture, in every walk of life, in the cities, in the country, in the park, in the churches, schools, parks...well everywhere.  To this end there is a ton of book related things (besides read all the time) I would like to do at some point in time.  To that end, this is my literary bucket list where I will keep track of, add, and check of the awesome places, things and activities I want to do or have done that relate to the literary world. This is obviously an ongoing list that will be added to constantly.  Please, please, please give me any recommendations you have so I can add them to the list!

The Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park - Visited 4/27/2014

The Lions at the New York Public Library - Visited 4/27/2014

The Library of Congress - Visited multiple times

The Peter Pan Statue in Kensington Gardens - Bucket List

The Book of Kells at the Trinity College Library - Bucket List

The El Ateneo bookshop in Buenos Aries - Bucket List

The National Book Festival in Washington DC - Visited 9/22/2013

Book Expo America in various places - Bucket List

Use a Book Vending Machine - Bucket List

The Book Fountain at the Public Library of Cincinnati - Bucket List

Go to Whiskey Wednesday at the Bookworm bookshop in Beijing - Bucket List

The Climb with Care and Confidence statue in Atlanta - Bucket List

The birthplace of Shakespeare st Stratford-upon-Avon - Bucket List

Get as many of my books signed by their authors as possible - Ongoing

Obtain a book from every country/culture known and unknown - Ongoing

Get a first edition of any number of my favorite classics - Bucket List

Interview an author for the blog - Bucket List

Share all my favorite books with my nephews - Ongoing

Get my wand at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Bucket List

The Eagle and Child Pub, the sometimes meeting place of the Inklings - Bucket List

Sleep at the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris - Bucket List

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