Monday, November 9, 2015

Week Of Learning...But No Posting

Soooo...I'm gonna be away again.  This time it is for work though, so not really my fault.  I am actually quit excited about it 'cause it's a yearly conference where all of us EMT's get together and learn new ways to poke people full of holes among other things.  We also all get to go out drinking and share our war stories.  Unfortunately, between trying to squeeze a couple of shifts in before I
leave and not actually being here at all, posting will not be happening this week.  Instead I will re post some of my favorite posts for your enjoyment.  Hopefully I will also get a chance to sneak a couple of chapters in during any down time I may have.  Back to regular posting next week, I promise.  Until then enjoy these older posts and try not to judge my progress to harshly.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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