Thursday, November 26, 2015

Book Of Thankful

Sometimes I think I should write a book of things I'm thankful for.  That way when life is sucky and it feels like the whole world is never gonna get better, I can open up my book and remember how awesome I have it.  Here is what the first page would look like
Things I'm Thankful For
Part I of Endless

Even though it has been a rough year for several of my friends and family, we are all still here and all still kicking, me people are seriously rocking it.

When watching all the horrific events that happen in the world, I can always find examples of love and courage being shown, turning these awful events into a showcase for how amazing human beings can be to each other when they need to.

I not only have an amazing family of my own, but I have multiple adopted families who take such great care of me, even when I am not at my best.

My firehouse and crew who make my life worth waking up for on a very regular basis.  Whenever I am feeling lost or overwhelmed, one exhausting shift at station 13 with my girls and boys and I am all better.

Used book stores that make my book buying obsessions easier and cheaper and more frequent.

My over flowing bookshelves that make me smile ever time I walk in my door.

The ability to read.

This is just the start and I think I will constantly add to it so that I can always know that the world is a better place then I think it is sometimes.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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