Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Eat It Up

Here in the states it is Thanksgiving time...which means SO MUCH FOOD!  Being the booky that I am I cannot simply have a Thanksgiving dinner, nope I must sneak it as much literary yumminess as possible.  Here are some fun and clever ways to get the books to come to dinner.
Book Plates
Serving up food on these tasty plates would make for a great story.
Pride and Prejudice Spoon
How's this for a well read spoon?
Book Cover Wine Charms
A great way to keep everybody's drink in their own hands
Book Page Tablecloth
Just try to make the pages not too interesting or your guests will be too busy reading to eat.
Literary Teapot
What better way to end a big meal then with a hot drink and a good book.
Since I am not actually hosting the dinner this year, I will have to be tricky and see how many literary elements I can sneak onto the table.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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