Thursday, November 19, 2015

Down The Rabbit Hole

The books I have been reading lately have inspired me to go down the rabbit hole.  What does that mean you ask?  Good question.  Going down the rabbit hole is what we call it when something inspires me to do extra research...and usually this research leads me to more topics and more research and so on so forth.  With the advent of smartphones this has been even more pervasive in my reading.  Anytime a topic, word, idea, or well anything really pops up, I can just look it up on my phone.  The down side to this of course if that it sometimes adds hours to my reading time, but since I am a pretty fast reader that is ok.  This works both ways, sometimes I will be studying or watching something that inspires me to go find a book on the topic.
I LOVE this back and forthness of reading.  I find if a story inspires me to dig deeper that it did one of it's jobs in catching and keeping my attention.  I love learning new things and each new bit of knowledge, no matter its inspiration is like finding treasure.  Of course it also inspires nice long ramblings and gushings and my poor Hubbin having to hear "Hey baby did you know..." on a constant basis.  It also means that I don't get a whole lot of sleep.  This is just one more reason I love reading so much, and love people who read so much because I feel it broadens all of our minds and makes us better people.  So on that note, I have more books to read and research to do and rabbit holes to go down.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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