Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bookish Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  It's 2015 and I'm ready to buy books!  In that vein here is this years book resolution.
1. To go through my bookshelves, Kindle, Nook and friends and families houses to see what books I actually own, what books I need to buy, and what books I need to replace.

2. Make some progress on half-finished series that I have enjoyed, but keep forgetting to get the next book in my excitment of new discoveries.

3. Remember to be grateful to live in a country where I can purchase and read any book I want, have a good enough job to afford to buy books, and remeber not everybody has the ability to read.

These are the things I hope to get accomplished in the New Year, that and read as much as possible of course :-).  I hope everybody has a safe and wonderful book filled 2015.  Happy Reading Everybody!
What is you book resolution?

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