Thursday, January 29, 2015

TV That Needs Its Books

As much as reading is my favoritist thing in the world, I also really like to watch TV.  I was sitting here trying to figure out how to mush the two, when I realized...a lot of the shows I like have books as an integral part of their appeal.  Here are a couple examples.
The Gilmore Girls - This show is all about the books, quoting the books, mentioning books, reading books, hauling books.  If there was a show ever made just for me this would be it.  The fact that it is about a mom/daughter best friend duo is just icing on a literary cake

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - If any of had illusions to my true level of nerdism, then this should clear it up for you.  I really love the fact that this kick-ass girl show spends a good amount of time in various libraries, using books to find the best ways to defeat the bad it should be.

Warehouse 13 - This show is chock full of literary goodies.  It mostly deals with artifacts from various authors, everything from Lewis Carroll's Looking Glass (which contains an evil Alice entity) to Edgar Allan Poe's Pen (which makes anything written with it become real).  This is just the start of the bookish aweomeness that is this show.

Ok so it is now obvious that I am not only super bookworm girl, but super nerd girl as well :-)  It just goes to show how intertwined books and tv and art and anything creative can be.  Happy Reading (and watching) Everybody!

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