Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DIY Bookshelves

I've been in a DIY mood lately...well enough of one to look through endless pictures on Pinterest anyways :-)  Anyways here are some cool DIY bookshelves to consider for your own home, or you know you can always come to my house and put them up for me :-)
Floating Books
These floating bookshelves are super simple and super awesome
Ladder Shelf
This ladder shelf is pretty quick and adds a great rustic touch
Leather Bookshelf
This is a really cool way to dress up an old bookshelf
Pipe Bookshelf
I think these are so cool!  I've seen these both as DIY and premade.
Wine Crate Bookshelf
Cheap, easy, and adaptable to any materials you have access to 
So many idea's so little time.  This is one of my favorite things about bookshelves, a little glue, a couple of nails and you can turn ANYTHING into a place to hold books,  Happy Reading Everybody!

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