Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Treasure Hunt

My baby sis came to visit me this weekend and I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to go on a book treasure hunt.  I made a list of a bunch of books, mostly series pieces and authors that I have been having a hard time finding and armed with a fresh gift card headed off to the used bookstore.  The best part of this particular book store (2nd and Charles) is that they have shopping carts!  Yep a whole shopping cart for us to pile high with reasonably priced books!!!!  Baby sis and Hubbin got into the spirit of the treasure hunt and before we knew it we had a pile of book booty.  We then created many many piles, sorted through them and ended up with about 20 or so books, many of which were actually on my list.  Of course being the unpredictable bookworm that I am a few non list books may have snuck in there.
Hauling the booty home was a bit of an adventure as the bookstore, in an effort to be green and save money so that they can continue to sell me 75 cent books don't use bags...so here is me an baby sis stumbling out of the store our arms so full of books they are literally spilling on the ground.  We finally fill up the trunk with our non-ill gotten gains and head home.  Hubbin had to pull the car up to the door so that we could bundle our loot into the lobby, then into the elevator, then up to the house...whew this treasure hunting is hard work.  Now we have our hard won treasure and will now spend the next week lamenting the need to go to work instead of exploring all my new books boo, and my baby sis will have to explain to her Hubby why she came home with 20 new books...   Happy Reading Everybody!

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