Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Put all my Christmas stuff away this weekend, the house seems really empty :-(  To make my house less dreary, I like to cover it in sparkly snowflakes all winter long.  Here are some literary snowflakes I may attempt this year to add some sparkly cheer to the potentially dull winter.
Book Page Sparkly Snowflake
I like how intricate these look, and the sparkles are a bonus
Cut Out Snowflakes
I remeber making ones like this with my Mamma...still love making these
Vintage Snowflake
This one looks very simple to make
Folded Snowflake
This would look so cool on top of my bookshelf
Book Page Snowflake
More pretty cut out snowflakes
If anybody needs me, I will be using my quote paper I made to cut out a zillion snowflakes and hang them all over my house.  If that doesn't stave off the winter blues, I don't know what will.
Happy Reading Everybody!

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