Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hiding Treasure From Viking Hamsters In Balls

I am pretty sure that viking hamster's in balls are looking for my here are some tricky hiding places for my precious...(I may be a wee bit exhausted teeheehee)
Book Stack Drawers
Nobody will be able to to tell that this is not one of my many many stacks of books!
Book Trunk
Nothing to see here...just a trunk of books...
Hidden Bookshelf Door
One more reason for a zillion bookshelves
Book Safe
I would just be scared I would lose it among my real books
Book Cubby
This is how to get through security :-)
These crafty little secret books should hopefully deter any viking hamster in balls from getting to my special seriously there out there...I'm gonna go to bed now :-)  Happy Reading Everybody!

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