Friday, October 30, 2015

Inhuman And Undead

Who is ready for one last bit of spooky yummyness?   I totally forgot that I had this short story collection on my Nook, so yay happy surprise.  The book is Strange Afterlives edited by one of my faves A. Lee Martinez.  The premise is a collection of stories about undead creatures and objects that are not are my favorites as always SPOILERS AHEAD!
Mouse Trouble by A.Lee Martinez - Magic mice, mummified cats, a mystical exterminator.  This little story has all the signature humor and everyday magic that I have come to expect from this author.  This right here is why I read pretty much every book/story he has written.

The Late Mrs. Buttons by Sally Hamilton - After watching Annabelle  at the firehouse last week, I am now terrified of dolls.  This story gives us another reason to treat these spooky human facsimiles with respect and a bit of terror as well.  After reading this, you might think twice about how you dispose of old toys.

An Undercover Haunting by Kristi Hutson - Speaking of humorous, this story features a haunted afghan...yep you heard me right a blanket that speaks from beyond the grave.  The addition of it being a bunch of college boys who are being possessed makes the tone of this tale spot on.

The Runner by John Bartell - This is one of the creepiest retellings of a children's story that I have ever read.  If you thought the tale of The Gingerbread Man was already a little dark, then this version takes to a level that is pitch black.  A bit of sadness and a twisted friendship make this story pack a huge punch for its small page count.

The Scavenger Hunt by J.B. Sanders Jr. - Zombie cars...not much else to say other then what a cool concept.  The author manages to pack a whole spooky story in just a couple of pages.  The setting is chilling, the idea is terrifying and the ending is perfect.

All of the stories in this collection are very creative and different, making it a book that has something for everyone.  At just 5 to 15 pages each, all 11 stories can be read very quickly.  After reading this I am now terrified that just about everything in my house is going to come back to life and kill me.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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