Monday, October 5, 2015

Books Have Feelings Too

During one of our random conversations, Hubbin wondered aloud if using a bookmark made a book feel anal probed...yep conversations with the Hubbin ladies and gentlemen.  As weird as that remark was, it did get me thinking what books would say if they could talk.  Would they freak out every time I read in the tub?  Would the brag to the other books on the shelf when they got taken on vacation?  Would they feel lonely if they didn't get read?   I can just imagine the conversation now as I once again pull my worn copy of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe off the shelf.
TLTWATW: "Oh no not again...can't she read something else for a change?  My spine is cracked and tired."

Other book:  "Oh shut up, at least you get read, I've been sitting here so long I'm covered in dust!"

Book still in my vacation bag: "Hey at least you get to see daylight, I've been stuck at the bottom of this back since July"

Fancy Old Hardcover collectors edition book:  Hush children, thou all gettest a chance to interact, or at least see the reader...I am stuck all alone behind this glass, never to be held or read, only to be viewed through the barrier as an untouchable treasure."

Ebook: "I don't even have pages to turn...(sad face)"

It may be that I have to much time on my hands...or not enough, but I really think my books have some of the personalities and now must go pull out and hug each and every one of them...even the old collectors editions, just so that they don't get depressed and lose their pages (or words in the case of my e-books).  I encourage you all to go do the same.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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