Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Wreck It

Spent the weekend hanging out with my lil bro (known as Bubby to me), his awesome wife and the Hubbin.  We got to hang out down in the National Mall area in the worlds most perfect, drizzily, cool October weather WOOHOO!  As we wandered the museums, Hubbin and I headed straight for the books.  One of the books I discovered made me squeal in delight.  It is called Wreck this Journal by Keri Smith and it is so cool.

I love the sheer wrongness of purposely destroying a book.  The best part though is the insanely creative ways people have come up with to "wreck" this book.  I have seen people purposly ignore directions, create art from the ruins, and come up with completley out of the box ways to follow the instructions.  This is an interactive book that encourages all the best part of reading and writing, creativity, different thinking and doing things your own way.  I want this SO BAD!  Happy Reading Everybody!

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