Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Anthropodermic Bibliopegy

October, the month for spooky and spine tingly and all other kinds of awesome creepy goodness.  It is also a time for here is a new term for most of you - Anthropodermic bibliopegy which is essentially the practice of binding books in human skin...ew.  Yep apparently not only are there actually books bound in the epidermis of homo sapiens, but there is an official term for it.
Arsène Houssaye’s Des destinées de l’ame 
This is a book that is actually bound in human skin.  How do we know this isn't just some sick Halloween prank?  Well science has confirmed it.  Don't believe me, read this article all about it.  There are other instances of human skin bound books, but I think I have done my duty.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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