Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Family That Dresses Up Together

Dressing up is fun...dressing up as a group is awesome.  Here are some literary idea's to inflict on your friends and family.
Harry Potter Group Dress Up
There are so many ways to go with a group Harry Potter effort.  You can go with as few or as many people as you want, very versatile
Jane Austen Dress Up
With seven books to choose from I'm sure you can all find a classy costume
Narnia Family Costume
My siblings probably still have nightmares of me doing this to them :-)
Lord of the Rings Dress Up
Epic and creative and, win, win!
Game of Thrones Group Cosplay
If you can't find somebody to dress up as in this series, then you just are not trying hard enough.

Go grab a group of your literary minded friends, or blackmail you spouse, or pull your parental power with the kiddos and send me picks of your group of literary dress up.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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