Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bats, Spiders And Skulls Oh My!

Time to decorate for Halloween!  Here are some literary critters to spooky up the place.
Bat Book
Looks like this little guy is ready to fly right at your face!
Spider Book Jar
I know a couple of people who would never put their hands in this jar no matter how badly they want the books...not me though, I'll stick my hand in anything to get a book.
Victorian Skull Print
Top O' the Halloween to you, Cheerio, Tut tut and all that.
Ghost Pop-Up 
Super cute, super easy, super ghosty
Witches Spell Book
Leaving this lying around might keep the kiddo's in line...especially if you cackle evilly every time you pass it!
Alrighty folks, I've supplied some starting ideas, now go forth and decorate to your spookiest most literary utmost.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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