Tuesday, December 9, 2014

We Have Christmas!

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday, had 80 hours at work this week, including a straight 45 hour shift at the fire station...so I slept instead of posting.  Today however we shall kick off the Christmas season with a look at my Christmas Happy Reading Awesome Dwelling of Super Holiday Cheer!
My tree, this year we have copper and dark green as a theme
My story fox
My quote ornament I made last year
Books and nutcrackers, two of my favorite things
Everything gets decorated
Even the bookshelves get some Christmas Cheer
I love having my house all decorated for Christmas.  After long weeks like this, it is great to come home, curl up in my fuzzy blanky, and enjoy the coziness and colors of Christmas.  I hope everybody else is having a fabulous day.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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