Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Games Afoot

The holidays are a time to get together with friends and family...and annihilate them at card and board games!!!  What...is that just my family?  Is making your baby sis cry over a game of Life not what you are supposed to do when you all finally get together?  Oh...oops...sorry baby sis.  Well maybe we can play some of these literary themed games and talk about books instead :-)
I LOVE books and I LOVE Monopoly...so who is getting this for me for Christmas?
Pride and Prejudice: The Game
Pick a couple, race to the church, who knew P&P would provide so much action!
The Little Prince: Make Me A Planet
I would love to play this nostalgic game with my FIL
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective
This game lets you actually use clues to solve the cases, sounds like my kind of game
Clue: World of Harry Potter
This is something my whole family could have fights...I mean fun with :-)

In all honesty, playing games with my family and friends is one of the things I look forward to most during our rare get togethers.  As insanely competitive as we are, we always have such an amazing time, laughing, fighting, cheating and discussing our favorite board games.  Who knows maybe one these games will be this years memory.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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