Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Story Room

I love the fact that all of my nephews love to read or be read too!  I think reading is one of the absolute best gifts we can give our children...I know it has made my life amazing.  In that vein here are some libraries that are using their resources to make reading spaces that inspire and revel in the magic of reading.
Brentwood TN
I need somebody to come to my house right now and build this for me...I'm waiting :-)
Om Tio Tretton
I could probably live in this Swedish Childrens library forever and ever...especially with my new fluffy birthday blankie
Central Library Kansas City MO
Is it bad when you can't even get to the bookshelves because your too busy reading the walls?
Park Falls WI
I want to grab a cup of coffee, a bunch of pillows and a great MG book and curl up in this tree of awesomeness!
Camarillo CA
How could you not feel a sense of magic and adventure waiting for you behind those doors?

These are just a few of the magical places the kids (and maybe their awesome aunts?) can go and get lost in the wonder of books.  I hope we continue to make the effort to show kids what an amazing thing a book can be...also if you need me I'll be in one of these libraries rediscovering my favorite childhood books.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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