Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Literary Themes of Christmas Trees

In my eternal search for all things bookish...and my love of Christmas, I have stumbled across these inspirational trees.
ARC Tree
This tree is decorated with items made from ARC's...which is about the only way I could justify tearing up a book.  Check out the rest of the post for close-ups, it is really well done.
Mad Hatter Tree
I am loveing this Mad Hatter tree inspired by Alice in Wonderland
Not a traditional tree, but this is an awesome representation of the the White Tree of Minas Tirith from The Return of the King,  and would be cool for the non-traditional types. 
Narnia Tree
Once again click the link to get all the details.  I love the lampost topper as for me that is one of the most memorable book images I have ever read.
Harry Potter Tree
Yay Harry Potter!  In the books the importance of Christmas makes me smile, and this tree captures the book and the spirit perfectly.
Oddly enough I could not find any Jane Austen trees...so...I guess I know what I'm doing next year :-)  send me pics and tell me about your literary inspired tree!  Happy Reading Everybody!

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