Monday, December 22, 2014

Random Christmas Bookyness

Finally got our Christmas shopping done in an EPIC marathon this weekend.  Here is the results of our quest for the perfect gifts of awesomeness while still staying on a budget.

Turkish Delight
We found this great candy store called Lolli and Pops (I am a huge fan of candy stores!).  Hubbin handed this to me saying, "Isn't this a thing in one of your favorite books?, you should get it for your book shelf."  One of the many reasons I love Hubbin, also my Chronicles of Narnia now have their own decorations.  
Bacon Soda
Of course if my bookshelf gets a decoration, Hubbin needed something for his "Man Shelf".  This soda is from the same shop as the Turkish Delight and we spent the day shaking our head in joy and disbelief over this wondrous find...and no we haven't tried it yet.
Book Gifts
The whole point of this trip was to get gifts for others, more specifically our five nephews.  This pile of packages are all books for the boys.  We do get them toys, but we pride ourselves in also being the "Book Aunt and Uncle" that send at least one book with every package.  This year the ages range from 2-7 so we got to get a variety this year.
Yep so that is how me and Hubbin shop, we are like two little kids who need constant supervision.  We got sugared up, caffeined up, bought ourselves stuff we like and then proceeded to hit the bookstore TWICE to load up on literary awesomness for our families.  Hope everybody else is getting some reading/shopping time in.  I am off to finish my book so I can ramble about it tomorrow.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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