Monday, May 4, 2015


I love me a good super hero story, be it a traditional comic book hero, a novel featuring a good guy with some sort of super power, or reading a story of a real life hero (many of which I get the pleasure of working with on a daily basis).  I think the super hero appeals to me because of what I do for a living.  I see people in the worst situations and can only do so much to help.  I often time wish for a super power to be able to give more help, or prevent the situation in the first place, or the anonymity to work beyond the "correct" and "PC" and "polite/professional" boundaries I am understandably placed under.  Reading and watching (full disclosure Daredevil and Avengers: Age of Ultron may have been binged watched this weekend) characters over come odds to help others makes me feel like this is something that may actually be possible.  Many times (ok almost all the time) what I am reading and my real life have a very real connection and these last couple of weeks have had me craving superhero's like no bodies business.  So what do I read when I need a super hero boost?  Here are some of my favorites (and yes comic books totaly count as good reading...seriously some of these plots are more complicated then The Wheel of Time series and A Song of Fire and Ice put together!).
Iron Man
I have always been an Iron Man fan.  I love that his "super powers" extend from his incredible smartness and not just physical prowess...of course his vast fortune doesn't hurt.
Helen and Troy's Epic Road Quest
Ok so these two don't wear masks and capes, but they embody everything a super hero should be, kind, heroic, brave and in an epic gender reversal the girl is the kick ass one!
Captain Underpants
First off, the guy's name is Captain Underpants...that is totally awesome, second this is a big reason one of my nephews started reading so double win for this superhero.  
I know, I know Buffy started as a movie/tv show, but there are now plenty of novels and comics that are available and seriously this girl kicks all kinds of butt, and looks super cute while doing it.

Storm is just pretty much as awesome as they come.  She can control the weather, fly AND still finds the time and patience to teach all the kiddo's the art of mutant superheroness.

Aside from the fictional variety, I love to search out stories and articles of every day hero's.  This is awesome because it can be anybody from a soldier that saved his buddy, to a woman helping out a person in the grocery line who may be short on cash.  Everybody please remember whether you where a cape and save the universe, or wear flip flops and help somebody carry groceries into their house, hero's are needed and wanted and make the world a better place.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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