Thursday, May 14, 2015

Around The Fictional Worlds

My baby sis and her husband have set off on their world tour.  To say that I am extremely jealous is a massive understatement...and I may send her pics of me crying piteously every time another one of their fabulous posts gets published.   Lucky for me, while not quit as awesome as actual traveling, I do still have my books.  My books can take me to worlds beyond what any human can travel to.  Here are some places I would love to explore in person.
This will always be the epitome of the magical land I want to travel to.  Ever since I could pick up a book I have been looking for a way to get to this world and explore it from top to bottom!
Middle Earth
I can't decide if I want to visit Rivendale, the mines of Moria or Rohan first...or maybe I'll take tea in the climb the trees of wait...sigh so much to do.
Flying, pirates, faires, mermaids, adventure, what is not to love about this place, I think it would be the perfect summer vacation spot.
There is so much to see in Oz, and with it constantly changing I have a feeling one would never run out of places to see in this land of color and magic. 
This place holds an amazing amount of diversity packed into a fairly small space.  The idea of sailing from island to island to enjoy all the various cultures is exciting.
I don't so much want to visit Pern as I want to live there, work there, ride dragons there, study there, pretty much do anything and everything all the time there.
As much as I love and adore my make believe worlds, the one we live on right now holds so many wonders and much magic just waiting to be discovered, so it too goes on  my list.
So there it is, my short list of any of the thousands of places I want to explore.  The best part about being a book lover is the ability to, at least in my head, travel to every place imaginable.  The other cool part is that people are constantly inventing new places, new worlds, new stories and new adventures for me to go on so I will never run out of places to travel.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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