Friday, May 8, 2015

So Many Children

Happy Mothers Day (a couple days early).  One of the things I remember growing up is when my Mamma would take the four of us out, everybody would ask how many were hers.  The look on their faces when she claimed all four of us was priceless.  Now to be fair my Mamma has always looked MUCH younger then she actually is...and in all honesty acts like one of the kids more often then not.  That paired with the fact that she had four children in an age where anything over two was considered a lot was always good for a conversation starter.  Here are some of my favorite books about other mamma's with large families.
This was a favorite in our house growing up.  This collection of stories about a family with five girls and a patient mother struck home with three out of four of us kids.
Mrs. Purdy's Children
This hard to find book about a family that just keeps adding children was one I remember from my childhood days.  I think every time my Mamma had another kid she got the same kind of comments as this Mother of the Year.
Ten Kids, No Pets
A huge fan of the Babysitters Club series, this book by the same author features a large family who's kids just want a pet.  I remember before we got our dog, using my siblings as pets to show my parents I could take care of one.
Little Women
The four girls plus their neighbor who is more of an adopted brother reminds me very much of my own family.  This is a family full of imagination and spunk and always in some sort of mostly harmless trouble...just like mine.
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
This is the very first book that I personally identified with, and the fact that it featured four sibling probably had a lot to do with it.  To this day all four of us remember casting ourselves in the roles (gender swapping Edmund) and making up our own Narnian adventures.
I love love love being part of a large family.  I love that we all read and share our passion of books.  We can all thank our Mamma for her tireless efforts to instill a love of reading in all of us, of constantly dragging us to the library, for instituting reading time, and now that we are all grown up having regular bookshop coffee time and a suitcase full of books when she comes to visit.  I love you so much Mamma and from your big giant family WE LOVE YOU!  Happy Reading Everybody!

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