Thursday, May 28, 2015

17th Century Books Or Why I Hate My Baby Sis

Sooooo...I really really hate my baby sis right now...not really, she is still by book club buddy and my baby sis of awesomeness, but seriously hate her :-)  Why this intense loathing?  Well it's not so much hate as it is insane jealousy because she and her wonderful husband are on a tour around the world.
Monastery of San Francisco 
She gets to go see things like 17th Century choir books bound in wood and displayed in a library with a whole ton of other antique and amazing books in Lima, Peru.  The upside to all of this is that she is my sweet baby sis and we do share a love of a lot of the same things, especially books, so she is constantly taking pictures for me (even illegal ones like the one above).  So while I will continue to cry jealous tears at least she will keep me supplied in new and unique literary awesomeness.  I will also continue to post the cool stuff she finds here.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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