Friday, May 22, 2015

Blank Page

So...this week and next week are crazy crazy crazy ones,  between the two weeks I will have put in close to 200 hours on my ambulance.  On that note I am instituting what I am now calling blank page days.
These are the days I don't post, and they act like the blank page in a book that starts a new chapter, or a blank page in a note book just waiting for a story, or well just that I am either not at a computer (they frown on blog writing while performing CPR...who knew?), or if I am at home, I am just way to tired to write anything remotely coherent (not that my posts are usually coherent).  I am still going to try my best to have a daily post...but if it doesn't happen, just consider it a blank page day and use it to do whatever you want.  Anyways, hopefully my posting won't suffer too much, but I did want to give fair warning.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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