Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Old Books, New Tricks

With the holiday season just around the corner (I refuse to call it the holiday's until the week of Thanksgiving!) now is the time you crafty sorts start preparing your loving homemade gifts for us klutzy types who should not be allowed around scissors/hot glue/pins/needles/etc... Here are some great examples of great hand made gifts you can make for your resident book worm (just don't use his/her books to do it, he/she may kill you until you are dead!)
Book Spine Book Marks
These are totally awesome and easy to make, a great way to keep a piece of that beloved book that is literally falling apart at the seams
Book Purse
You could go so many directions with this, a great way to use a vintage children's book.  Added bonus this is from EPBOT which is one of my favorite sites!
Book Clock
This would look great sitting on a bedside table, or on a bookshelf, or on the wall, or just about anywhere.  It is much easier to make then it looks, making you the gift maker seem like a genius!
Tree Ornament
This would be a lovely addition to any gift and can double as an ornament or decoration

Resin and Book Jewelry
Oooh so pretty, a fairly easy way to capture your favorite saying to wear with you always!

So what are you all making me?  What type of book crafts have you done (I want pictures!)?  If somebody else took the book apart for you, do you think it would be easier to do these crafts?  Do you think I will ever be allowed to use a hot glue gun?

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