Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Paper Dolls

This is gonna be a bit of a girly post, so my apologies to all of the un-girly types out there.  Growing up, besides reading books I loved playing with paper dolls.  I think the main reason was I could change there outfits in like two seconds and I was a very impatient child.  I also liked making up stories and putting on plays with them, using pages from my picture books as back drops.  Now that I am an adult, well I still like a little make-believe.  Here are a some literary inspired paper dolls for all of you to make your own fan-fic with.

Pride and Prejudice
Dress Elizabeth up in the perfect outfit to refuse Darcy's proposal
Little House 
Dress Laura and Mary in all of the latest prairie fashions
The Hunger Games
Get Katniss ready for her appearances before the Hunger Games
Mix and match the characters from the Bards different plays to come up with an original production
Nancy Drew
Not only is our favorite sleuth smart, but she is stylish in these vintage fashions

I hope everyone takes some time out of there busy schedules to play with a favorite toy, or flip through a favorite picture book from when you were young, and remember the simple joys of younger days :-)

What was one of your favorite toys (besides books)?  Did you hate how easily paper doll clothes ripped?  Did you have the punch out or cut out paper dolls? (I hated the cut out ones)  What new story line have you come up with using your favorite characters (I'm thinking of a Nancy Drew/Pride and Prejudice crossover series)? 

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