Thursday, November 1, 2012

Annual Feel Good Re-Read Of Happiness.

Hello All, hope you all enjoyed your "finally have an excuse to dress in that weird item of clothing I bought and swore I would wear all the time except for it looks like a weird costume so that is what I wore to take the kids trick or treating" day :-)  I am enjoying all of the awesome pic's of my nephews and friends kids who all happened to dress like superhero's this year, and eating leftover candy for breakfast (hey it's tradition...don't judge). Anyways the season of ghouls and ghosts is over and it is time to turn our thoughts to the holidays and such.  I have to admit, I am ready to take a little breather from all of the horror style death and mayhem and get into some fantasy style death and mayhem :-)

On that note, I am starting my annual Chronicles of Narnia re-read.  I almost always re-read this series after Halloween, it is kind of a palate cleanser from all of the horrific violence, gory deaths, and all around bleakness that pervades the types of books I usually read in October, don't get me wrong, I love my scary horrorish novels, I just am ready for something else.  I love re-reading my Narnia books during this time of year for several reasons. 1) I really, really, really love these books. 2) They take me back to my childhood reading days, and I had an excellent childhood, so it puts me in a more...hmm not sure how to put it...child like frame of mind I guess, ready to look at the holidays with a kid like excitement. 3) My life is hectic on the best of days and the holidays always ramp up my stress levels to 10+ so when I get too crazy I just pull my Narnia out and escape to a very happy place, and since I've read these so many times before I don't get any nasty surprises so my blood pressure usually returns to normal. 4) There short and I've read them before which makes them easy to finish so I feel like I've actually accomplished SOMETHING during the holidays. 5) I really really really love these book!.
So there it is folks, my annual re-read has now commenced.  If you have never read these books before, I highly recommend anyone and everyone picking them up right now...go ahead I'll them? Great...what you've already read them, awesome then I know you are excited to read them again!  Alright everybody read these at your own pace and we will discuss them later.

Did Hurricane Sandy affect your Halloween plans?  Is your pumpkin a gooey melty smelly mess on your front porch?  Do you have a book/series your re-read on a regular basis?

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