Thursday, December 3, 2015

Rare Day Of Rest

Showed up at work today, my boss took one look a me and decided maybe I needed a day off :-)  So after sitting through a very very boring class I got to come home around 1pm, which for me is just awesome.  Called the Hubbin, not quit sure what to do with myself.  He suggested that I enjoy it and get some reading in since I had been complaining about my lack of literary time.  So I did just that.  I made a hot cup of spicy tea, cut a piece of Hubbins amazing pie, filled the tub with bubble bath and read for hours.  It was absolutely amazing!!!!  
It was great to have a couple hours with nobody home, no chores that needed to be done, no errands to run, just time to read with no pressure and no interruptions.  I have to suggest this for everybody, even if you need to schedule it, or call in sick or change your locks, whatever it takes.  I also suggest letting yourself enjoy your couple hours to yourself with out feeling guilty or fretting over undone stuff.  I rarely get these opportunities, especially with my job so I really tried to take advantage of it.  So that being said, I'm gonna go put on my fuzzy slippers and get some more relaxing done before I work 24 hours in the next two days.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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