Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Tree Of Books

One of the problems with writing a blog for so long is that you start to repeat your self on occasion.  The up side is while I may repeat a theme, it's usually 'cause I have some fresh material YAY!  So here once again are some fabulous trees made of our favorite thing ever BOOKS!
Red and Books
I love the color and contrast of this picture
EB Tree
I like how this book tree is decorated
Vintage Book Stack Tree
I am really enjoying the mix of old school and originality of this tree
Book Pop Up Tree
This seems like something I could actually do pretty quickly
Book Page Tree
Another DIY...provided you don't mind killing books lol
Now that you are all inspired go out and create me a forest of book tree's my reading minions...and send lots of pics!  Happy Reading Everybody!

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