Thursday, December 10, 2015

Holding My Eyes Open

Skyping with baby sis today and realized we both suffer from the same problem on occasion...we can't stay awake to read.  We go to bed early with the intention of reading for an hour or two (a habit that we both still have from our childhood) and lo and behold we fall asleep a couple pages in.  There are several stages to falling asleep while reading.
 First you are all good to go, you start reading, getting into it. The next stage is you realize that you have read the same page a couple of times and still don't remember what you just read.  The third stage is when you rest your eyes for "just a second" only to drag them open a few minutes later to read one word and then rest them again.  Stage four is what I like to call the tired two year old phase, and this is when you know it's hopeless, but you refuse to actually go to sleep and force your eyes open one more time.  Eventually you hit the final stage and that is when your book slips from your fingers and falls to the floor and you just don't have the energy to lean over and pick up...and you finally admit defeat.  What happens when you fall asleep reading?  Happy Reading Everybody!

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