Monday, June 22, 2015

Reading To Daddy

Happy Fathers Day!!!! (I know it was yesterday, but still...)  My daddy has always encouraged his kids love of reading, often setting the example by always having a book in his hand.  When I was around 10ish Daddy went back to school to become a Physician's Assistant, or a PA.  This of course required TONS of studying and reading.  Living in Seattle at the time also meant a lot of traffic to and from various places.  One day Daddy came in and saw me flipping through one of his medical
text books and asked if I could read it, turns out not only could I pronounce the insanely weird words, but I actually enjoyed it!  For the next four years I would go places with him and read aloud from his books as we drove, I would quiz him, asked way more questions than he probably thought possible and generally formed a bond over my new found passion in the medical field.  Our learning and reading things related to our profession endures to this day, with us sending each other articles and case studies that we thing the other would find interesting or discussing a difficult patient or call.  I am eternally grateful to my Daddy for including me in his quest for education, for not being to big of a man to let his little girl read to him, and for just always being there as an amazing daddy!  Happy Reading Everybody!

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