Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Book Experience

Sometimes I get to have what I call a book experience.  This is what I call an experience that feels like it came out of one of my books.  Sometimes it is from a specific book, or a genre, or author, or just a feeling that I have "read" this experience before...does that make sense?  For example, this weekend my amazing Hubbin and bestie L took me out to one of the most interactive dinners I have ever had.  We started with custom drinks, and then we were taken to our table where we were attended by a score of well dressed men taking care of our every need.  We had a multi course dinner that was ordered all at once, accompanied by a paired wine.  Where the "book experience" comes in
 is that I have been reading a lot of books set in the early 1900's America and one of the hallmarks of this era and setting is how the rich would go to the high end hotels and have these lavish meals where they were served and pampered by the hospitality elite.  Our dining experience felt very similar to the ones I had read about, right down to the lack of female presence in anything other then the diners (because God forbid back in the day a mere female sully atmosphere).  Another experience I've had is last October when we went to a Halloween festival that included a haunted forest, bonfires, demons, the seven deadly sins and a late night atmosphere one usually only feels while reading a really great horror novel.  The whole night I kept feeling like we were turning the pages of our very own story, it was awesome.  I love going to botanical gardens because I feel like I am wandering around an English novel, and I love going hiking because depending on the weather and the hike, I feel like I am in any number of fantastic stories.  All of this to say, as much as I adore, love, am obsessed with reading, it is going out and having these experiences that I can then relate back to the books, or remember them when reading new ones that really makes life and reading the awesome thing that it is.  Lucky for me I am surrounded by people who are willing to indulge my real life book experiences and continue to help me find new ones.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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