Friday, June 26, 2015

Frouds Faeries

Sometimes I just want to disappear into the land of Faery for a bit.  When that happens, all I have to do is pick up one of my Brian Froud books and off I go.  The best part is that there are plenty of books to choose from, ranging from the informative to the humorous, but all beautiful, fun, and breathtaking.  Here are my favorites.
World of Faerie
Good Faeries/Bad Faeries
Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book
Faeries Tales
All of these books, and numerous others in his collection are one of the quickest ways for me to immerse myself in the world of faerie.  I love keeping these close by for those moments when I just need a break, but don't have time or the brain power to get into a book.  I hope these have inspired you to make your own journey to the fae realms for a quick break.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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