Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Alternative Books

Sometime I get a book that just doesn't fall into one of my normal categories or reading patterns.  Some of them are meant to be read piecemeal, some are interactive and some just are so unique that they don't have a genre.  Here are three books I've been playing with this week that fall into this catch all.

The Book of Ballads
This unique books combines interpretations of old ballads by various authors and illustrated graphic novel style (usually) by Charles Vess.  To make it even cooler, the original ballads are also included with their own awesome illustrations.
The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern
This is a combination "history"/written wiki of the fabulous world of Pern.  It gives all kinds of cool details, stories, author's thoughts and other various treats.  This book is not one you "read" more like one you study.
The Dictionary of Imaginary Places
This is essentially a reference book about places in books and movies and myth.  Pretty cool huh?!?

So these are the alternative books that are scattered through out my house at the moment for me to glance at a page, a story, or some cool little tidbit.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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