Monday, June 15, 2015

Color Books

Sometimes when I want to unwind I like to color.  Yep just like a little four year old, I get out my color book and crayons, markers, pencils and what not and I lay down on the floor in my pj's with a yummy drink, a movie and color my little heart out.  Of course when the pictures I'm coloring are literary related it just makes it that much better!
Peter Pan
One of my favorite books, I love coloring all the different types of characters, pirates, mermaids, fairy's, Indians, lost boys, all kinds of awesome
Alice in Wonderland
How awesome is it that this coloring book has all the original illustrations from the book to color!
Arabian Nights
This coloring book is totally different and awesome and cool and I love it.
A Midsummer Night's Dream
One of my favorite Shakespearean plays, just waiting for me to add a little color.
Sherlock Holmes
I get to read the story AND color all at the same time, awesome!
Yep so now I am off to live in my little fantasy world where nothing is more important then staying in the lines and choosing the right color (Sherlock can have green hair right?) and reading a great story.  Happy Reading Everybody!!!

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