Monday, November 24, 2014

Middle Grade Not Just For The Kids

This last week of reading has been a tough one for me.  I have had weird days where I have no reading time, then insomniac nights where all I have is time.  Usually on my nights of insomnia I at least can read to my hearts content.  For some reason this week all of my books suck...even books I have read before and loved.  I'm really really not sure what the deal was, but I would get through a couple pages and then realized that I had not really comprehended what was on the page and would have to reread it again.  Eventually I gave up on my current books and randomly chose a Middle Grade book on my ereader that I have had on their for a while.  Lo and behold this was the answer to all of my problems.  I ripped through it, loved it mmore on that in a later post) and felt so much better.  I then promptley picked up my other books and amazingly I was able to concentrate and enjoy them again.  As I have the unfortunate tendancy to analyze everything, including my own reading habits, I looked back over my reading history and have found that every time I get stuck I tend to go to a Middle Grade book to get recentered.  Upon further probing...I'm still not 100% sure of the
reason it works so well, but I have a few theories.  I think one of the best things about Middle Grade books is that they tend to be more to the point and simple (in a good way) then some of the overly complicated adult books, or the angsty teen books.  Usually the problems the kids in these books face are a more realistic and direct issue that makes sense.  These books are usually able to provide pure magic, or love, or play, or fun or whatever it is a good Middle Grade author is trying to get across because they don't have to worry about all the extra stupid stuff the older crowd does.  This is not to say the stories are dumb, or that the plots or the kids in the books don't deal with's just that if written well, their outlook is so's more...argh...I don't know, it's just different.  I think another reason I enjoy Middle Grade books is that I had a great childhood.  I have some fabulous memories of growing up, and as much as I truley love my life now, sometimes it is nice to go back to those days and relive it through my books.  Ok meandering post that probably applies only to me over :-)  Hopefully I can get my reading groove back, but if not I have plenty more Middle Grade books to fill the gaps.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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