Monday, November 10, 2014

Book Therapy

After a VERY long week, me and two of my fellow EMT girls got together to try and insert a breather into our hectic life.  We spent some time eating, drinking and rehashing all of our recent calls like we normally do, but this time it just wasn't helping like it normally does.  One of the girls suggested we hit 2nd and Charles as we were right next to it all ready, and upon learning one of us had never been there hightailed it across the street as fast as we could.  Upon arrival at this utopia, I instantly headed for the classics, I have just finished a book (more on that next post) that set me
craving the classics and so I decided to update my shelf.  The other two drifted over and what ensued was a two hour discussion on when and where we had read certain books, what they meant to us, why we loved, hated or eh'ed them.  We proceeded to buy each books that we thought they should read and also added to our own shelves.  It was awesome, and in all honesty one of the best therapy sessions I have had in a long time.  It is so great to have friends who love to read, love to discuss, and love to share.  The most shocking part of this whole trip was we did not discuss work, or the fire station or anything even remotly medical related the whole time we were in the store, or on the way home and if you ask any of our significant others...or just anybody who has spent more then 10 minutes with any of us, they will tell you that NEVER happens, that we are ALWAYS talking about our calls and patients (in a totally HIPAA compliant way of course).  It was exactly what I needed and just goes to show that books are seriously the worlds most perfect things.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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