Friday, June 27, 2014

Tied In Knots

June is the month known for weddings and to celebrate that fact I thought I would introduce you to a nifty little collection called Tied In Knots edited by Lisa Taggart and Samantha Schoech.  I originally got this book back when I was getting married to remind me not to go all bridezilla :-)  This is a collection of true stories written by various people and I have to admit it is pretty funny.  Here are some of my favorites.
Alive and Well in Texas by Jennifer Carsen - This first story hits the ground running with a hilarious story about the ultimate bridezilla and her need to control every single aspect of her wedding.  This includes throwing her own lingerie party, bridal party, stock the brides kitchen party, and a zillion other materialistic shindigs.  This is the ultimate story of how not to be a bride.

The Do-It-Yourself Wedding in 314 Easy Steps by Sara Berkeley - I loved this one about how supposedly easy and simple a DIY wedding is supposed to be.  As a girl who did 99% of her wedding herself/with her mothers help and held it at her in-laws farm this really spoke to me.  I loved some of the mishaps, but the overall feeling of pride and ownership in her wedding.

The Sea Witch by Anne Johnson - Ha, this story made me laugh out loud more then any other story in this book.  The description of Mrs. D.  the polyester covered proprietor of a beach side resort and her insane antics were priceless.  I am kind of sad that the resort was sold and rebuilt because the story made me want to visit, just to see the rusted Lincoln Continentals if nothing else.

My Man in Black by Marisa Solis - Two young in love kids elope to Hawaii to escape the pressure of a big white wedding.  The bride however cannot quite shake the image of her man in a tux on their wedding day...even if nobody else will see it.  The ensuing search for a tux that actually fits and looks good on the little island is absolutely hilarious.

A First-Class Affair by Jennifer Li Shotz - If you've ever been to a wedding you know that good music is essential.  The decision between DJ or live band, classical or modern, just how evil is the chicken dance.  The couple in this story tell us of Barbra the woman who spent thousands of phone calls trying to convince them that a synthesizer was just as good as live brass.  In the end the couple gets what they want and the wedding is a success.
Most of the stories in here are pretty good, I have read through them a couple times and definitely recommend them to any bride who is feeling a bit frazzled.  Be warned that this book does contain a few adult scenes and a bit of adult language so maybe not give it to your 12 year old jr bridesmaid.  I give this collection 8 out of 10 beaded bridal veils.

How do you feel about personal stories?  Do you feel weddings are something to laugh at or a solemn affair?  What is your best wedding related story?

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