Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Read It Out Loud.

Got to spend some one on one time with my youngest nephew N.  He is just 8 weeks old and the cutest most adorable chunky monkey.  N loves to be held, like 24/7 likes to be held and in all honesty he is not the best conversationalist yet so I decided to read my current book to him.  Oddly enough as soon as I started reading, he settled down.  He alternated between watching my face and checking out the turning pages as I read.  This does not really come as any surprise as his family makes sure he, and his big brother E get plenty of reading time.  E is awesome 'cause he LOVES it when his Auntie or Uncle read to him and we have spent many hours with him avidly following along in his books as
we read to him.  Our nephew G is getting so good at reading that his little brother L goes to him when he wants a book read.  The nephews K and R now skype us to read out loud, fighting over who's turn it is to read.  I love that reading has become interactive for my boys.  I really feel that reading out loud to each other, especially when you have short people running around is such a great bonding experience, not to mention it has been proven to smarten up those wee brains.  I still have wonderful memories of being read out loud to by my parents and in turn reading to my younger siblings.  Now everybody go read to somebody.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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