Friday, April 15, 2016

A Rant Of Thrones

Just finished watching season five of Game of Thrones and now I need to rant really obnoxiously and what better place to do it then on my very own blog YAY.   Anyways.  We all know I have read all the currently written books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series and I've already rambled on about what I liked and didn't like about them.  I have also already stated my opinion on how I feel about the tv series out running the yeah essentially this bookworm has a ton of opinions about this book series and let's have some more.  My rant essentially comes down to this.  (SPOILERS FOR BOTH THE BOOKS AND TV SHOW AHEAD).  The books are should I say this...graphic, twisted, crazy, and all around gasp inducing.  These books have way more then their share of violence, sex, language and some of the most shocking scenarios I have read in a mainstream series.  This is not a bad thing, it is what the books are known for and it is a bit exhilarating and terrifying knowing that pretty much ANYTHING can happen to ANYONE at ANYTIME.  
So we have established pretty well that the books are pretty much up for anything, so here I am watching the show and WTF!  Seriously I know that in TV I have to be willing to accept some deviations from the books and that is fine...and truth be told I even enjoy some of the changes the show made.  Then they went completely off the rails, changing the story completely, having characters in situations that they were no where near, and at some points making this season borderline unrecognizable as coming from the books at all.  This is disappointing as I thought the first couple seasons stuck at least with the story line fairly well and this complete departure is jarring and sad.  I think the worst part though is how the show has taken the already over the top horror show that is the books (again, this is not a bad thing...well usually not) and going above and beyond what even the author has written.  I think the final straw came when Stannis allowed his young daughter to be burned alive, screaming and pleading as he watched her die a painful death.  This did not happen in the book, though there was talk of killing an infant, John Snow along with the very brave Gilly came up with a plan to save the kid...but nope the show decided that all the sex, violence and insaneness of the books were not up to the viewers standards of the sick and twisted and so we get a father murdering his daughter.  I found this and a couple other unnecessary over the top scenes just sickening and distracting and didn't even have the saving of grace of being in the book.  I don't know why the people behind the show felt the need to add these extra scenes and scenario's.  I feel there was plenty of gory, twisted material to work with in the books and  this is just wrong.   After that rant you may think that I am going to boycott the show...I'm not...mostly 'cause I want to see where the "story" goes now that we don't have any more books to follow...not that we have been following the books anyways.  I will however reserve the right to write long rambling posts on my complete and utter disgust if it continues to disappoint.  Rant Over...for now.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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