Friday, April 22, 2016

Paid To Read...Sort Of

One of the perks of my job is that on a few very rare occasions, when we have a weird day that people have decided to stay healthy for a couple of hours, I get to chill at the station for a couple of hours.  When these treasured chunks of time happen, I go straight for my books.  I absolutely LOVE it when this happens because in some ways it's like a dream come true...I'm getting paid to read!
 Now I realize this is not 100% accurate because reading for fun is not in my job description, but the expectation is if we get those rare gaps, as long as my unit is cleaned and stocked, my CME's are up to date, my station is spotless and there are not other pressing issues, we can use our hoarded down time as we please.  My favorite way to look at it is if I can can get an hour or so of reading time in, then in general the book I am reading is essentially paying for itself...which considering my book addiction is actually very helpful.  I am seriously trying to figure out a way to get paid for all my reading...but until then I'll take what I can get.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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