Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Adding To The Pile

Sometimes when I get in a rut, or am tired, or bored or whatever, I like to find new books to add to
my To Be Read List.  This is the tab on my blog that has the list of books I have or would like to acquire at some point and of course read.  In fact sometimes I joke that the real reason I have this blog is so that I could have access to my TBR list when I'm at the bookstore.  Sometimes just the act of searching out new books to add to the list help give my brain a break.  I use several sources to add to my list, blogs, lists, recommendations, complete and utter random searches, cool book covers, and whatever else piques my interest.  I love researching new books to add to my pile as it gives me little glimpses into possible future reads and lets me pursue through various genre's, authors and pretty much whatever else has caught my eye.  Ok enough talk, lets go find more books!  Happy Reading Everybody!

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