Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Hello all,  I would like to bring an issue to your attention.  It is the private shame of many a voracious reader and I think it is high time we brought this sickness to light.  Yes folks, I am talking about Schizobookia.  I am suffering from a bout of Schizobookia and want to let others know that they don't suffer alone.  Wait...what?  You have never heard of Schizobookia?  Seriously?  Schizobookia is when a reader starts a book, gets 10 or so pages in can't focus and then picks up a different book, and then a different book and then buys a ton more books and then starts those books and then finds a book she forgot she had and then starts that one as well.
The result is books all over the place with bookmarks and dog ears stuck in various states of unreadness and nothing actually getting finished. This is compounded by cantgetenoughbookitis in which the reader is continually acquiring books that just feed the Schizobookia.  I'm not quit sure what the cure is, but I need to find it and fast or I will be so overwhelmed by barely started book that I just might drown.  I have heard that actually finishing a book is considered a pretty sure fire treatment so I'm gonna go see if I can't buckle down and focus.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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